Let's Try Callisthenics!

Tomorrow is the day! The first day of training.

Tomorrow morning is my planned first day of training. For the past maybe 5 years I've spent more time sitting on a chair in front of a PC than I really want to. I've been cycling daily, walking a lot and having the occasional hike but other than that I haven't done any sports. The food that I have been eating, the drinks I have been drinking also and the amount of them is also not that good and healthy. So I'm up for a challenge! This blog will try to serve as a documentation of my progress and thoughts.

The plan

  1. Waking up around 6:50/7:00
  2. Toilet!
  3. Put comfy clothes for training and get out of the house as fast as possible
  4. Slow run in the park, probably 10 minutes
  5. Arriving at the training ground and doing a full body stretch
  6. Start the workout routine which I'm still strugling to figure out but I won't bother a lot in the begining
  7. Working out for about 20 minutes, then start running home

My plan is to arive back home as late as 8am, so I can have a shower and make a breakfast.
8:30/8:40 out for work.

I will try to make a single photo in the park every day, but if I forget I'll do a little drawing for the block post. That's it.